-PC Game Booster 5.14.14 + Crack+speed up your Pc

Chris-PC Game Booster that speedup your pc

Software that accelerates your system like a rocket ship. Chris-PC Game Booster is a tool for those who want to get the most out of their hardware to play their favorite games. Microsoft Windows is designed for general use and has poor average performance for specific applications, such as games, that are designed to use different pieces of hardware. You can now download the latest version of Chris-PC Game Booster with Serial Key from the Startcrack website

old features:

1) Improved graphical user experience in games without the need to upgrade to expensive new hardware (CPU / GPU / RAM): higher screen frame rates, smoother graphical animations and better read / write access times to storage drives ;Best online multiplayer gaming experience, no network lag.
2)  No Game Patches – The anti-cheat mechanisms in the games will not treat you as cheat software.
Restore option to previous Windows settings – Convenient to maintain compatibility with other programs you use frequently.
3)Increase the speed of all types of Internet connection, such as Cable, DSL, U-Verse, Fios, and dial-up.
Advanced software-based overclocking feature that improves memory speed, CPU prioritization of full-screen applications, and Internet speed for games.
4)Optimize your computer hardware with 1 click to allow games to run faster and increase the speed of your Internet connection for faster downloads and speeds.

New features:

• Experience a graphical gaming experience without having to upgrade
• Multiplayer online games without a network registration (outage)
• Anti-cheat game cannot identify Chris-PC Game Booster as cheat in games
• Accelerate all your Internet connection models such as Cable, DSL, U-Verse, Fios and Dial-Up
• Advanced script based on Over-Clocking function, speed up memory, CPU prioritization
• Optimize your system hardware with a single click to allow games to run faster
• And many more.

what are the system requirements?


  • 1000 MHz processor or higher, such as an Intel Core2Duo
  • Memory : more than 1 GB RAM
  • Reliable Internet Connection
  • HDD Space : 100 MBc


  • Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Internet Explorer 8 or highercpu speed booster

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