TextGrabber Offline Scan & Translate Photo to Text Premium

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TextGrabber Offline Scan & Translate Photo to Text Crack

TextGrabber Offline Scan & Translate Photo to Text Premium

TextGrabber Crack quickly and easily scans small bits of printed text and lets you do things with the results: call, email, follow links, find on maps, translate into 100+ languages, edit, voice over, and share in any way that works for you.

Get information on the run! OCR doesn’t need to be connected to the Internet!
Just take a picture of the text, and you can edit and translate it right away. You can also share it via e-mail and SMS, or send it directly to other apps on your devices, such as social networks or online storage services.

TextGrabber Scan Offline
System requirements: OS Android version 2.2 or higher, 3 megapixels or more camera with autofocus, award-winning Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, highly accurate on-device text recognition, and it only takes a few seconds to accurately recognize plain text in more than 60 languages.

TextGrabber Cracked APK,

one of the technologies of interest to users over the last few years has been OCR, which allows texts to be extracted from images and converted to digital data. Due to this, various developers have released different apps so far, all of which are based on image recording and then extracting text! TextGrabber Cracked APK, a full-featured app for extracting texts from real-time printed pages for Android which developed and published by ABBYY. As mentioned, this software, unlike other similar applications, does not need to capture images and extract everything at the moment. Just enable the camera and place on your printed source to maximize the ability of this app. Apart from the main functionality of the program we mentioned, there is also a translation capability that makes it possible to translate received texts into 100 different languages!

TextGrabber Includes Premium:

Innovative mode of extracting text in real-time from written sources Find texts from over 60 different offline languages.
Supports all connections in emails, email addresses, phone numbers, and more.
Full translation into 100 different languages of extracted texts.
Copy translated text with the audio capability to the clipboard.
Share your mates on social networks with results.
Copy, edit, delete, or mix all the recorded text in the notes list.
And several others.


TextGrabber easily and quickly digitizes fragments of printed text and turns the recognized result into action: call, email, follow links, find on maps, translate into 100+ languages, edit, voice over, and share in any convenient way.
A unique real-time recognition mode extracts information in 60+ languages not only from documents but from any surface.


  • Accurate text recognition without the Internet in more than 60 languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Greek, Chinese, Korean, and others.
  • You can copy text to the clipboard
  •  Real-time translation from over 40 languages (please note: an Internet connection is required for translation)
  •  Fast and easy sharing of information via email or SMS; • One-tap transfer of recognition results to other apps, such as social networks, online storage services, etc., via the Android “Share” function;
  • Support for search engines; • All captured texts are saved in the app and can be found in the “History” folder at any time.

What’s new In TextGrabber :

  • Pay once and use it for life! Upgrade to a new Lifetime Premium to get unlimited text recognition and powerful online and offline translation.
  • Open the menu, click on Premium, and pick the best choice!

How to Crack TextGrabber?

  • You can get the cracked APK from the link below.
  • Put it on your gadget.
  • Done, Enjoy.



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